Destroyed in 2011


How We Got Started

1968 – A nine year old began to play the oboe because the violin was not “interesting enough.”  Her father also needed an oboist in his band  A Selmer Signet was the first oboe available — a clunky and awkward instrument.

1977 –  1981  Founder attend college for Art Education and participated in all advanced vocal and instrumental ensembles.
The college had a pond with swans.   The baby Cygnets were named “Miller” and “Seville”

1980 – handcrafted oboe reeds sold around the country

1981 – private oboe instruction

1987 – mail order catalog with music merchandise

1990 – private art instruction

The multi-faceted company infused the arts into every aspect of its operation.

1993 – chamber groups and small group art instruction

1995 – internet catalog

1996 – Cygnet Gallery – exhibits of local emerging artists

1997 – Pottery Parties – birthday parties for children
Paint your Pottery – open ceramic decorating studio
Recently the businesses were superficially mimicked (copied) by an unscrupulous owner of the property where the original entrepreneur was forced to evacuate and sell. Most unfortunate was the loss of 30 years of the customers who were nurtured, assisted and served.

1999 – UsedOboes.com was founded by Cygnet Studios, Inc

2003 – 2005  Silver Swan, Butterfly Blue, Amaryllis,Twilight CDs
Talented Tabby, Leonardo’s Lesson, A Hat for Hanah picture books

2006 – N2O2 CD, Conewago Coffeehouse founded
Many of the original ideas developed in the 1990s were copied by predatory placed town businesses and invidious government funded institutions.

2008 – A Box of Bears picture book, a la cARTe activities

2009 – 2011 –  Guest rooms (Swan Suite, Etown Room)
Coffee Connection picture book, Conewago Tea Room
Collectibles book of essays

2012 – Color Wheel, full circle CD with proceeds to caplanc.org and transitionsofpa.org

iCygnet.com — an introspective blog that investigates ideas and insights

eCygnet.com – the revised online e-commerce site

We relocated in 2012 for our safety and to service loyal and longstanding customers.
Our top selling instrument: OBOE.  We also sell other wind instruments on consignment.

2013 – WoodwindMedic
“When First Aid is Instrumental”
A band aide for your woodwind instrument

Happy as a Lark
Happy as a Lark in the Color Purple ~ mARTi


Go Green

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